Preparing High School Students For College Essay example

Preparing High School Students For College Essay example

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“In “Preparing High School Students for College” Barnett explains the different college readiness partnership programs in Texas and how forty percent of high school students take at least one remedial course to prepare their selves for the transition.” (Barnett) Barnett believes the problem comes from a lack of association of high school graduation requirements and college academics. Barnett also believes that these programs do not receive the evaluations that they should, but that they are indeed helpful to students.
These types of college readiness programs could be one of many ways that high schools help prepare students for college. Colleges should show more participation in these courses and give guidance to those teaching the classes, while the state itself should do a better job at evaluating and making sure these courses are still relevant to the college world today. If the number of students enrolled in these courses increased, so too would the college success.
“According to a study done in 2012 by U.S. News and World Report, more than sixty percent of high school students are not adequately prepared for college.” (Sheehy) English and Math scores have remained relatively the same, but science and math have both increased since 2008.
"State-level initiatives related to STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—may well have helped move the needle in math and science … There is clearly more work to be done," says Jon Erickson, president of the Education Division at ACT. (Sheehy)
If more STEM programs were available to students math and science scores could possibly improve even more. The newly available STEM program located in the Corona school district is focused on giving students more hands on work; work that...

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...selor at Lincoln Northeast High School in Nebraska when interviewed by Sheehy. Lohmeyer believes that high school freshman should map out a plan of how they are going to get from their freshman to senior year in high school and then eventually a two and four year college.
“Students should push themselves earlier on, instead of waiting until their junior or senior years. It will be too late by that time. You want to have that scholarship resume look the way you want it to, and you want to start right now, your ninth grade year.” Lohmeyer explains.
As a sophomore she believes students should start looking at colleges and careers that catch their interests and begin college campus tours. They should also start building up their scholarship resume. “Lohmeyer believes that the more extracurricular activities, leadership, and volunteer opportunities, the better.” (Sheehy)

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