Preparing For The Public School System Essay

Preparing For The Public School System Essay

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Preparing for College in the Public School System
Schools are supposed to prepare students for the future, which, for a lot of people, includes college. Today’s public education system is flawed by some key issues that make American k-12 public education one of the worst out of all of the developed countries. Students aren’t being encouraged to think critically in classrooms designed to keep students from becoming leaders. There are also many public schools that are underperforming when compared to predominantly white schools due to lack of wealth. Today’s public education system does not adequately prepare students for college because the students are not engaged, the school system is flawed and segregated.
In public schools, many teachers do not keep their students engaged in the classroom. Students and teachers complain that their classes are boring. Kids lose interest in learning when they see that their teachers are not interested. John Gatto was a public school teacher who taught for 26 years before quitting because he disagreed with the public school’s curriculum of confusion and dependency. Students need to be put in an environment where they get an actual education and not a “schooling” (Gatto 609). An education is different from a schooling. In an education, students actually learn, are encouraged to think critically, and are kept engaged in what is being taught. In contrast, a schooling is just a system where students are exposed to drill based programs and follow a curriculum where there is no room for curiosity, resilience, and insight. The current American public school system is actually based on the Prussian education system designed to keep citizens from becoming leaders in order to create compliant citizens. In...

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...vantage over minorities in making it to higher levels of education.
Students are not being prepared for college by the public education system because students are not engaged and there are countless problems that need to be fixed in the system along with segregation in schools. The achievement gap between students that attend private and public schools are increasing. There is not just one simple way to fix the flaws of the public school system. As proposed by O’Rourke, Americans should simply tear down all the schools. The documentary Waiting for Superman brings up the interesting idea of removing tenure. Whatever the solution, the problem needs to be fixed as it is clear that K-12 students need to be better prepared for college. This problem needs to be fixed quickly because many students are being sent off into the real world without a fighting chance to make it.

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