Essay on Preparing For Global Leadership

Essay on Preparing For Global Leadership

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Preparing for Global Leadership
When a consultant is hired by a leader in a United States corporation to address the foundational leadership concerns surrounding the development of a group of diverse global group of employees, the consultant will most likely have to go beyond his/her own experiences and training gained from knowledge by working with familiar formal company rules and procedures (House, R. J., Hanges, P. J., Javidan, M., Dorfman, P. W. Gupta, V. (Eds.), 2004). The consultant or leader will find that his/her attributes, behavior, status and influence will vary according to culture forces in countries or regions. Societal culture influences perceptions and values of societal members because leaders are members, they are affected to varying degrees. This also applies to organizations (House et al., 2004). This essay will discuss cultural assessment, leadership styles, social cultural and diversity.
There are many assessment tools that can be used to assess organizational culture and to identify cultural gaps within the global group. Based on culture and values, people have differing ideas how they want to be treated and for a leader to bring out the full potential of workers in a diverse workplace is by respecting their character and distinctive qualities (Kang, H., 2013). According to Kang (2013), that for organizations to remain competitive in the global market, a close emotional interdependent link and an ongoing development of trust and loyalty between leaders and followers must be established; the relationship can significantly influence workers’ behavior and commitment to the leader and organization (Kang, 2013).
One such assessment tool is the Organizational Cultural Assessment Instrument (OCAI) which is a psy...

... middle of paper ..., performance orientation, and power distance; low in gender equalitarism and human orientation. Leadership preferred: Charismatic-Value Based; also favored Humane Oriented (House et al., 2004).

Preparing for global leadership is taken seriously and thoroughly researched regarding an organization’s desire to expand operations to another country. There is assessment research to determine government type, culture, climate, and location because all can affect the success of an organization (House et al., 2004). Assessment tools are available to guide inquiries into conditions of the prospective region. Also important to learn is how the employees of the coming cross-cultures view leadership in conjunction with their culture. Transformational/Charismatic leadership is the most preferred leadership form in cross-cultural leadership (House et al., 2004).

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