Preparing A Speech For Class Or A Presentation For A Business Meeting Essay

Preparing A Speech For Class Or A Presentation For A Business Meeting Essay

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Whether you’re preparing a speech for class or a presentation for a business meeting

Chapter One

Once you know your topic, you need to start planning your speech. The first step is to begin researching your topic and create an outline.

Then you’ll need to create talking points, practice and perfect the speech before you 're finally ready to present.

Your speech can be broken up into three main sections: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Each section contains some key elements.

Your presentation should begin with an attention getter. This can be a question, a quote or a shocking statistic. Something that engages the audience while clueing them in to your topic.

The introduction is also where you develop your thesis. This is the main argument that you are trying to prove with evidence throughout the rest of your speech.

Next, you need to establish credibility. You need to show why you are interested in the topic and what makes you a valid source of information.

Finally, you should briefly mention the main points you intend to cover throughout the speech to support your thesis.

The body is where you elaborate on your main points and provide your audience with data. This is where your research plays a huge role, so make sure you include the sources of your information in the outline so you don’t forget to include them in your final draft.

The conclusion of your speech will summarize all of your main points and reiterate the thesis. You also need to include a closer or a call to action. Like an attention getter, this can be a question to the audience. Depending on your topic, you may also be asking the audience to do something, whether it’s visit a...

... middle of paper ...

... such as “um”.

Practice is the first way you can try to overcome speed and filler. But there are ways you can stifle your nerves while you are presenting. ******
Avoid filler (um)
Talk slow, take your time
Take pauses to breathe, take a drink

Chapter Three
Say thank you
The first thing you should once you have completed your speech is thank the audience. This gives your audience a clear cue that the presentation has ended. It also shows your audience gratitude******

Watch recordings
As we covered earlier, practice makes perfect and even final presentations are themselves practice for future presentations. In order to benefit from this practice, make an effort to tape your speech. By watching a recording of you speech, you can better gauge the audience reaction and critique yourself for the next time you need to stand behind the podium.

Give yourself credit

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