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More than 20% of infant deaths are caused by birth defects or genetic conditions such as congenital heart defects, abnormalities of the nervous system, or chromosomal abnormalities ("Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects"). These are diseases that are passed genetically from parents to their child and mainly occur as small defects on genes inside of chromosomes leading to problems in the child after it is born. It is the year 2013 and it is time to take control of humans’ evolution and prevent thousands of needless deaths, and unnecessary emotional toll on the parents, due to genetic problems. Having a kid in today’s time shouldn’t be a lottery to birth a healthy baby, but a process that can guarantee a robust child that will be free from congenital diseases. According to Janet Malek from Brody School of Medicine, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a reproductive genetic technology that enables potential parents to learn the genetic makeup of their early embryos and thereby avoid having a child affected by a particular disease or disorder. With the ever increasing population on Earth, growing from 7 billion, the chance for babies to be born with a genetic disorder increases as well. Parents in America should be allowed to prenatally engineer a fertilized embryo to ensure a baby that won’t have genetic diseases that could negatively affect the health of the child, or is a genetic disorder that is against the parent’s desire.
Congenital heart defects account for 20% of all birth defects observed in live borns and are the leading cause of premature death in infants born with birth defects (“Congenital and Inherited Disorders”). This statistic is evidence that congenital heart defects are a serious killer in infan...

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