Essay about Prenatal Care Is Essential For The Pregnancy

Essay about Prenatal Care Is Essential For The Pregnancy

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When becoming, pregnant there is a few steps that should be taken to ensure that you and the baby is healthy. Prenatal care is getting health care while pregnant. Prenatal care is divided in two sections (What is prenatal care? N.d. para. 1), the first section is early prenatal care and second section is regular prenatal care. Early prenatal care is if you think you are pregnant or know that you are pregnant you call the doctor and schedule a visit (What is prenatal care? N.d. para. 1). Regular Prenatal care is regularly scheduling check ups over the course of your pregnancy (What is prenatal care? N.d. para. 1). (Don’t miss any – they are very important appointments) In todays world, there are more women and teens becoming pregnant from the age range of 15 years old to 40 years old. Between this age range, these two have one thing in common that helps with having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby is prenatal care. Prenatal care is essential for the health of the mother and the unborn child. Prenatal care is essential because it helps with decreasing multiple risks during pregnancy, because its not just for the mother and because there are 5 main benefits to prenatal care.
Prenatal visits help with “reducing the risk of complications” (what is prenatal care and why it is important., n.d., para. 7). Such risks can be reduced by following a “healthy, safe diet, by getting regular exercise, and by avoiding exposure to potentially harmful substances such as lead and radiation” (what is prenatal care and why is it important. n.d., para.7). These factors help prevent the complications from occurring. To help decrease complication such as anemia, preterm birth, preeclampsia, diabetes, and poor growth of the baby in utero. By going to...

... middle of paper ... benefits, it allows prenatal care to become 100 percent efficient (Your health care provider option, what should I ask my doctor, n.d. para.3-4).
In conclusion, prenatal care is very important because it helps with the health and wellness of the mother and the unborn child. Prenatal care is going to see a health care provider while pregnant, which is for both mother and unborn child. With prenatal care being as important as it is, it help prevent unwanted complications from developing. By going to your health care provider for prenatal care it helps increase your chances for a healthy baby and delivery. Prenatal care helps with lowering the risk of anemia, preterm birth, preeclampsia, diabetes, and poor growth of baby in utero, which then leads to a healthy baby and delivery. There fore prenatal care so essential for the health of the mother and the unborn child.

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