The Premature Sexualization of Girls in the Media Essay

The Premature Sexualization of Girls in the Media Essay

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Magazines, Internet, radio, music videos, music lyrics, and other types of mainstream media relentlessly portray sexualized images of women that not only promote narrow and unrealistic ‘standards’ of physical beauty, but seem to endorse, glorify and encourage them. We are almost back to the 1950’s, where women were seen merely as a sex object. Horrifyingly the media is now broadening their attacks and promotions of sex to teenagers and young girls. A report created by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), attest that there are many short term and long term physical, emotional and psychological effects of the premature sexualisation of teenagers and young girls.
This essay will examine the current legislation and regulations put in place to restrict the sexualisation of children: and how they are not being followed. It will also examine the effects that premature sexualisation have on these children, both short term and long term. Relevant legal cases will be examined and recommendations will be given to improve the current system of regulation of sexualised media.
“Our children should no longer be sacrificed on the altar of the obsession with celebrity culture and the "beauty" industry it has spawned.” Dr Helen Wright, Mother and Principal, of St Mary's All-Girls School.
Children/teenagers tend to copy anything they see in the media, thus why sexual imagery and lyrics, is causing major emotional, mental and physical issues in children’s lives. Target audiences which once only included adults now include teenagers and also children.
The desexualisation of women’s bodies over time has led to the ability to have almost nude women featured on...

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...ationships, appearance and how good she is at sex. These magazines subjectify women as merely sex toys to pleasure a man. And guess who owns the company, a man. Sex Sells, but it shouldn’t because girls and women are more than just sex objects.
Another example of the effects of the sexualisation of girls is the now almost pornographic photos that girls are posting to media websites. Causing mothers of boys to say that these girls are causing their sons to sin, instead of talking to their sons about their responsibilities. They are teaching their boys that they are not responsible for their actions, that they cannot control their urges, thus leading to rape culture, the acceptance of rape in society. (Ridgway, S. 2014) Why is it that only feminist groups are bringing up these issues? Why are more people not realising that these issues are corrupting society? Why?

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