Essay on Premature Birth And Its Effects

Essay on Premature Birth And Its Effects

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Premature birth can occur for various reasons and most often causes problems in the neonate ranging from underdevelopment to acquired illnesses in extra uterine life. Any birth between 20 weeks, 0 days of gestation and 36 weeks, 6 days of gestation is considered a pre-term birth, and births are categorized as very preterm, born less than 32 weeks, moderately preterm, born between 32 and 34 weeks, and late preterm, born 34 to 36 weeks (Lowdermilk, Perry, Cashion, & Alden, 2016). Premature neonates who are born significantly early and survive are more susceptible to developing problems such as respiratory distress, apnea, feeding difficulties, hyperbilirubinemia, and temperature instability (Lowdermilk et al., 2016). Additional complications associated with premature birth are bronchopulmonary dysplasia, intraventricular hemorrhage, and growth and development delays.
Assessment immediately after delivery helps the nurse determine important information regarding the health status of the premature newborn. According to the American Nurses Association and the National Association for Neonatal Nurses (2013), Standard one of neonatal nursing practice, Assessment, allows the registered nurse to gather extensive information that is not only important for caring for the infant, but also for keeping the family involved as a part of the team providing care for the neonate. Through effective communication, the registered nurse prioritizes the proper assessment findings based on the stability of the neonate while also remaining mindful of the impact of care on a multitude of beliefs and values of people with differing backgrounds. Upon initial assessment, the nurse is able to determine if life saving measures are needed, and transfer to the Neo...

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...t surrounds the child” (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2015, p. 360). Teaching should involve feeding and sleep schedules, bathing, car safety, and an emergency plan set in place if the situation ever arises. Because premature neonates have a high rate of readmission, it is essential for the family to have the doctor’s contact information for questions or concerns regarding the infant’s health upon returning home (Lowdermilk et al., 2016).
In conclusion, complications due to prematurity requires an all hands on deck approach of support from the medical team treating the neonate. The nurse in charge of the neonate assumes much of the responsibilities of making certain there are no holes in the care and treatment. With the medical technology and training available to health care providers, the premature neonate has a much better chance of surviving and living a healthy life.

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