Essay on Premarital Sex And Same Sex Marriages

Essay on Premarital Sex And Same Sex Marriages

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From premarital sex to same sex marriages, society has seen many changes over the past two or three decades as to what is accepted when it comes to sex and sexuality. Although there have been changes to laws Americans still have a large degree of variance as to what one personally accepts as morally correct or acceptable when it comes to sexual orientation and gender choice. Greenberg, Bruess, and Oswalt define sexual orientation as “the romantic or erotic attraction to a certain gender or both genders” (pg. 370). The recent change of attitude towards premarital sex, extramarital/early teen sex, and same-sex relationships will be addressed in this assignment.
One of the largest changes in American culture has been the acceptance of premarital sex. For decades, premarital sex has been seen as morally unacceptable and has been one of the most gender bias lessons taught between parents and children. Many parents speak to their children when they reach the age of sexual interest and give instruction to wait for that special someone that they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Over time, this conversation has changed slightly leaning to the acceptance of a male child having premarital sex versus the female child remaining pure and not sexually active. Along with the moral issues, there are also the religious aspects of premarital sex. Many Americans have some type of spiritual belief even if they are not faithful believers in Christianity or devoted church members. A particular passage from the Bible that tells a person to avoid premarital sex is “…It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman. But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and ea...

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...e racial divides that still exist same-sex relationships will never be totally accepted as a normal way of life but the changes show that the American culture understands that acceptance is a true sign of growth and if America doesn’t grow it will not remain a national powerhouse.
Sexual tolerance is a constant topic of discussion. At home, school, or work people are faced with some degree of sexual tolerance. From the regulation changes in the military to the office affair or the teacher having sex with a student, it’s everywhere. Over time, America has become more acceptant of the issues of premarital sex and homosexuality but hold firm to the negativity of extramarital and early teen sex. Americans will always have differing opinions as to what is socially and/or morally acceptable but changes in society are seeing those differences begin to narrow every year.

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