Premarital Counseling And Pre Marriage Counseling Essay example

Premarital Counseling And Pre Marriage Counseling Essay example

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What is one of the largest problems with families in the United States? One of the problems that has been growing for years now is divorce. In the United States, about forty to fifty percent of people, who get married, get divorces in their lifetime (Kazdin, 2000). When families choose to get a divorce, they are effecting everyone around them. If children are involve, the impact could be even worse. There are ways to help families to not get a divorce but not all divorces can be overturned. One of these marriage saving strategies is marriage counseling and pre-marriage counseling.
Newly wed couples do not always know how to talk things out and sometimes they get into a marriage very suddenly without knowing their spouse that well. Jealousy, problems with power over the spouse, disrespect, or any other issue could be solved with communication but sometimes the couple is not taught how to communicate effectively. Premarital counseling is available for couples who seek it but it is not a law to receive the counseling. In the state of Tennessee, if a couple goes through premarital counseling, then they save money toward their marriage license. Not all states do even this much for their newly wed couples when it comes to trying to get them to go to premarital counseling. When couples go to therapy they are 75 percent more likely to be better off than similar couples who did not go to therapy (Will, 2003). Close to 65 percent of couples report significant progress in their marital satisfaction (Will, 2003). This information should be incentive enough to go to counseling if someone really wanted to save their marriage but here is another problem that is out there. The fact that these statistics are not advertised and not really looked ...

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... Whether the person is male or female or identifies as any other gender, if they get married, then they must go to marriage counseling before they can get married. This way maybe their marriage will actually last and it adds a way for them to figure out what they want in the marriage and they can work on things that are most of the time gender specific. This includes but is not limited to jealousy and demand/withdraw. The goal is to help everyone who wants to get married and who is getting married but to do so, there must be more incentive to go to counseling to help these marriages and the most direct way to do that is to make a law for it. Everyone should be able to get a help in their marriage for any reason and should not be looked down upon for doing so. If everyone has to get help then that is eliminated and there can be greater support within families for this.

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