Preliminary Research On The Blue Spoon Essay

Preliminary Research On The Blue Spoon Essay

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Preliminary research on the Blue Spoon. This research includes the restaurant’s main purpose, location analysis, target market, and current marketing strategy.

Main Purpose
The Blue Spoon is a small breakfast cafe in Oakwood Plaza.The restaurant 's main purpose is to produce a quality, creative breakfast from early morning to early afternoon. With a cost efficient ran kitchen combined with good service, the Blue Spoon is doing the most to maximize the small space and low marketing activity. The Blue Spoon provides an all-natural breakfast food menu. Along with the food, the restaurant’s culture provides The Blue Spoon with a top notch dining experience. However, the restaurant lacks adequate marketing. Using the right marketing channels could help boost this restaurant even higher.

Location Analysis
Convenience is arguably the biggest factor when one is attempting to decide if and where he or she would like to go out to eat. The location of a restaurant is essential to the restaurant 's success. In this case, The Blue Spoon’s location is one of the company 's biggest strengths. Th...

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