Essay about Prejudice, Racial, Ethnicity, And Religion

Essay about Prejudice, Racial, Ethnicity, And Religion

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In today’s generation there is no way to avoid prejudices. Anywhere you go there will always be someone that is looked at as a “lesser” individual. According to Parrillo, prejudice has been defined as “an attitudinal ‘system of negative beliefs, feelings, and action orientations regarding a certain group or groups of people.’” America says all men are created equal however; differences in people’s belief systems and cultural acceptance both play a role in this stereotyping. Prejudice is not limited to just one subject, there is an endless array of different kinds. Some of the most predominant types of prejudice in today’s society are gender, ethnicity, and religion. Personally, I believe that there is no reason to excommunicate somebody just because they are different from us. Why should people look down upon women and say that we are not able to do certain things just because we are not a man. Or what about those in different ethnic or religious groups? We should dream to live abiding by the creed, that all men (and women) are created equal. One’s gender, ethnicity, or religious views should not determine the type of person they are.
Back in the late 1800s, women’s rights became very popular. There have been miscellaneous events where gender has differentiated an individual. In 1972, Title IX was brought about. Title IX was a document that gave women the opportunity to get off of the bench and get into the game in schools that would receive federal funds for athletics. Before this law was passed, women were not accepted to play “manly” sports such as tennis, basketball, or soccer. Women’s sports included things such as cheerleading, rope climbing, and working on posture. This prejudice may have developed because in many men’s eye...

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...the attributes that lye behind prejudices. Some may have been learned, and some may be just out of pure ignorance. No one was born to have negative feelings towards a group of “different” individuals. Yes, we are human and no one is perfect, but if prejudice were an innate behavior, all people of the same kind would feel the same way towards the other “excommunicated” individuals. Different people have been raised with different belief systems and cultural practices. If one was raised their whole life being told that people of this specific group were bad, they would obviously have the same feelings towards them. Whether it is back in the 1800s or now, people still have prejudices against those of other sexes, race and ethnicity, and religions. All in all, many prejudices stem from others’ pride, stubbornness, fear, hatred, or maybe even their own insecurities.

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