Prejudice And The Criminal Justice System Essay

Prejudice And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Prejudice in the Criminal justice system
We are not all treated equal where equality is required to assure the law is upheld. One of the flaws in our criminal justice system is how prejudice is often present in trials, and prevents suspects from having a fair trial. In “Serial”, a podcast about a first generation American teenager of Muslim religion named Adnan who was charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend, prejudice is shown very strongly. At his bail hearing the prosecutor led the court to believe that Adnan 's extended support from his Muslim community would do anything they could to help Adnan escape the country and the justice system, ultimately getting away with murder. She furthered this claim with a report that there was a trend of Pakistani males who were committing murder and escaping justice by leaving the country. Later, these claims were proved false, yet the damage was already done since Adnan did not receive bail. This proves prejudice is not only harmful to our society but also flaws our criminal justice system.
Prejudice is something we cannot escape due to its ever living presence in our lives and criminal justice system. In "There Is Nothing Casual About Prejudice", the author informs readers of 'implicit bias ' which includes "stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner"(Mitchell 46) This is explained as a mentality that people in the criminal justice system have; whose actions have been of prejudice. Many people do not even realize they are prejudice unless otherwise pointed out. This is an upsetting thought to have, especially about our justice system, something we put our trust in to uphold the law and act fairly. In the podcast 's 10th episode the p...

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...nted be able to grasp this rapidly moving teenage life and have fun, yet still please his parents and community and make them proud. The prosecutor in this case not only bribes his witness, but also uses discrimination to convince the jury that Adnan was a conniving liar who was more than capable of murdering his ex-girlfriend. This further proves that among the many imperfections of the criminal justice system, discrimination is the most unscrupulous of all.
Equality of all races, genders, and religions was something that the people fought for for centuries, yet we still discriminate everywhere, even where it is prohibited. The "Constitution prohibits racially-biased prosecutorial arguments" (Shah 49). This means a suspect can not be discriminated against in anyway and be, "judged in light of the admissible evidence not on stereotypes about his background" (Shah 49)

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