Prejudice And Discrimination On College Campuses Worldwide Essay

Prejudice And Discrimination On College Campuses Worldwide Essay

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Prejudice and discrimination exist as persistent manifestations of derisory power. Communities across the country are regularly deflated by untenable biases ripping at the seams of an individual’s psychological and social existence. These tendencies and biases effect on college campuses worldwide. The last century is warped with academic institution’s transformation from white exclusivity to an opportunity welcome to people from all gender, racial, disability backgrounds. From the outside looking in, it could seem that higher education stands isolated from the animosity and harms of larger society. Institutions however, are reflecting and struggling with the same social biases and historical struggle for inclusion. Only recently has higher education attempted to be a part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex (LGBTQI) social awakening with their push of equitable and safe environments for their students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni. Yet, the bias remains, whether intended or not, and its effects are laden with anger, disempowerment, losses in self worth, and a sense of alienation. This paper will reflect on my experiences working with Vanderbilt University’s K.C. Potter Center, Office of LGBTQUI Life – examining the biases and preconceptions in connection to the counseling process.
Pre- and Post - Experience
Before Part 1 of the Multicultural project I took Harvard University’s Sexuality IAT test, revealing a suggested moderate automatic preference for straight the straight population compared to the gay population. Meaning, I had a negative implicit bias towards the LGBTQI population – associating unfavorable descriptor words towards gay identifiers and favorable descripto...

... middle of paper ... their past, as means of orienting them towards the future and getting them closer to their preferred goals (Neukrug, 2011, p. 422-446). Behavior therapy and psychoanalytical therapy techniques would not be appropriate for the LGBTQI client.
While counseling lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or intersex individuals pose many unique challenges the treatment for LGBTQI clients should not be drastically different from any other client. Their treatment should recognize how stigma and social pressures may have affected these individuals. LGBTQI couples and family therapy should be treated similar to standard marital and family counseling - aside from necessary legal and social issues. Most important, the counselor should be prepared and educated about LGBTQI clients and refer to another counselor if they are not able to best serve or respect their client.

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