Prejudice Against The Jewish Community Essay

Prejudice Against The Jewish Community Essay

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In 1475, a boy named Simon, from the community of Trent, went missing, and turned up dead in a ditch that flowed into the home of a Jewish community member. When they body was found, the Christians in Trent blamed all of the Jews of murdering Simon in a ritual manner. The Prince Bishop, Johannes Hinderbach, had all of the Jews brought to his mansion to be questioned. After torturing confessions out of the Jews, he ordered them to be executed, despite their apparent innocence. Although there are many factors that contributed to this wrongful execution, the main reason lies in the prejudices of a deeply zealous bishop, Hinderbach. To show this, I will first explain what reasons he would have to want to be prejudice against the Jews. Next I will show that he actually is prejudice. Finally, I will show that he is powerful enough to be able to get away with a wrongful trial.
When you look at Hinderbach and his past, you find many reasons he would want to be prejudice against the Jewish community. First, his mentor, who also happened to be his great-uncle, was strongly anti-Jewish. He often preached about the faults of the Jews, such as the excerpt on page 12 which says, “this is why the Jews cannot be persuaded by arguments, because they are stubborn.” Even after he died, his writings created an anti-Jewish milieu at the University of Vienna for the generations that followed. Hinderbach followed in his mentor’s footsteps and also attended the University of Vienna where this anti-Jewish way of thinking was still a commonality. This would give him a solid reason to be anti-sematic through the rest of his life, he was taught from the very beginning that Jews were bad. Next, since he is a bishop, he could want to use this to help him ...

... middle of paper ... and make a copy of the trial records because he thinks that the Jews would use it to come after the Christians. Finally, he has immense support from the community of Trent. They are angry that a boy was killed and want to know who did it, and instead of believing that someone they know well could have done it, they just jump to believing what their community leader, Hinderbach, believes. Hinderbach helped influenced the communities hatred towards the Jews.
Throughout the process of the trial in Trent, Hinderbach was the driving force which led the witch hunt to execute the Jews for a murder they didn’t commit. In this essay, I have demonstrated why Hinderbach would potentially want to be prejudice against the Jewish community in Trent, why he actually is prejudice against the Jewish community, and how he had the power to get away with the execution of many Jews.

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