Essay Prejudice against Muslims and Islamic Fundamentalism

Essay Prejudice against Muslims and Islamic Fundamentalism

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Ever since September 11, 2001 Americans along with the majority of the world’s population have been skeptical of Muslims. It’s a sad reality but it’s hard for people to think of a Muslim without linking them directly to terrorism. But these assumptions aren’t totally out of the blue—the Muslim’s religion, Islam, teaches a low tolerance for other religions and the Islamic government has no separation of church and state, so it’s only normal to assume that their government shall have a low tolerance as well—some however, immediately translate this into terrorism. Through the Islamic government and religion, relations with foreign countries, and separation amongst themselves it can be concluded that Islamic Fundamentalism is clearly a threat to political stability.
The Islamic government contributes heavily to the threat of political stability. Having no separation of church and state, the Islamic government is greatly based on their religious principles. However, this is a problem because their religion calls for a low tolerance towards other religions—being as extreme as killing the nonbeliever. Through this, it can be concluded that through their linked church and government that their ruling should be just as harsh. Due to this form of government, we can see that the Muslim’s might not portray terrorism as negatively as we do, but this definitely doesn’t give them an excuse to war and terrorism. Through the connected church and state government the Muslim’s are using their religion for power; as the selection put it, an “ism,” meaning it’s a belief system about ordering power and wealth which is can be seen in the Muslim’s slogan, “Islam is the solution.” That slogan suggests that when it comes to politics, Islam has all the a...

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...he corporation of the people, and if the people are in turmoil with one another they aren’t achieving harmony which is essential to a stable political system.
Through the Islamic government and religion, their relations with foreign countries, and their separation amongst themselves it’s clear that there should be no other conclusion to this question then that of Muslim instability in regard to their political stability. Not only subsiding within Islam empires but throughout the world—implicating how much of a problem their instability has created. The whole Islam concept is a circle of power; through gaining religious power the leaders have instantaneous rule over the empire, and through their powerful rule they are using the Islam religion to manipulate the nonbelievers in harsh and inhumane ways. So, is Islam Fundamentalism a threat to political stability? Yes.

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