Prejudice : A Terrible Incident Essay

Prejudice : A Terrible Incident Essay

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Prejudice is a dreadful mindset that people can perceive from another person by their first look. As long as human race roams the Earth, prejudge mental will never cease. However long that we as people stay here on Earth is how long prejudice will last. We frustratingly try to obliterate prejudice, but it always upheaval back with maximum force. People take into consideration peoples race and ethnicity, and if it is diverse from theirs, then that person is probably prejudice towards them in any other ways, shape, or form. Prejudice has been with Mankind since the beginning of the human revolution. The simplest example of prejudice is when it comes to black and white revolution. Since colored human race were slaves in the beginning of American history, there has been a racism against the colored race ever since. Some Whites figure they are superior to other races, especially African American since they once were possessions to the wealthy American. Most lower and Middle class American realize that slavery was a very terrible incident that happened in America. Yet there are still certain racist people who believe that the blacks should still be property or are less of a human being.
The movie, American X, represented the scene when Danny Vinyard was assassinated at the end of the movie. Derek Vinyard and Danny Vinyard was associated with the Nazi praising group. They were prejudicial to everyone and gain hatred for colored people. Even though Derek and Danny were cleansed of their mistakes by going through redemption and changed, Danny was killed by a colored teenager because that colored person was also prejudicial. As we can observe in this movie, prejudice is an unbreakable chain that transmit through generation to generation. Pr...

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...OUS GROUP, for example 'charvas ' and 'Goths ' there is usually hostility between the THIS GROUPS, because they HAVE DIFFERENT DRESS CODE and enjoy DIFFERENT HOBBIES. However, if these OPPOSITE groups HAVE NO OPTION TO COORPORATE together in a CERTAIN POSITION that they had NO OTHER CHOICE, the BOUNDARY 'drawn ' between them LIKE 38TH PARALLEL would BE DESTORYED and BE ABLE get along TOGETHER. However, as discussES in a VARITIES of EXPERIMENT, Aronson et. al. who OPERATED with the jigsaw SERVEY technique, it has CERTIFIED that changes in prejudGEMENTAL arising from the PERFORMING situation may not generalize to other INCIDENTS and until prejudice is DEDUCED in society, for example through edification which will practice these methods, people will be further likely to stay within their private group and remain to be unreceptive to groups that are diverse from them.

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