Prejudice: A Problem With an Unknown Origin Essay

Prejudice: A Problem With an Unknown Origin Essay

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In the Scottsboro Trail of 1931, nine black teenagers were convicted for rape because of the color of their skin, even with evidence proving them innocent. This case has been used for years as an example of how relevant prejudice has been in America’s history and continuously around the world. Researches have been trying to find the origin of prejudice to try to make a solution for prejudice. There are numerous theories, but the three likely one were discovered by three separate groups of researchers.The researcher's findings are discussed in “The Evolution of Prejudice- Biological” the idea prejudice comes from evolution, “Authoritarian Personality AJC- psychological” the idea it is an effect of childhood, and “Basis of most prejudices is ignorance” the idea it comes from our societies’s influences.

In the article “The Evolution of Prejudice- Biological” Neha Mahajan and researchers believe that prejudice originates from evolution. For example, Neha Mahajan and her team went to Monkey Island in Puerto Rico to study human like behavior in monkeys. A researcher said, “..rhesus monkeys live in groups and form strong social bonds. The monkeys also tend to be wary of those they perceive as potentially threatening”(Grewal 1). These qualities are closely related to how humans interact with other people. Neha Mahajan decided to go further in depth with her tests. She gave the monkeys a test to see how long they stared at monkeys who recently left their group compared to monkeys who recently joined. After examining the test results, they discovered that monkeys stared longer at monkeys outside of their group. The test monkeys stared less at the monkeys who recently joined the group because they did pose a threat. Psychologist Catherin...

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... with prejudice principles to being openminded, can suggest that ignorance is the origin of prejudice (Hill).

Prejudice is an on-going problem in modern societies around the world. Although electing an African American president was a step towards the end of prejudice in America, it is still relevant. In an AP poll in 2012, it showed that 51% of all Americans are somewhat prejudice against African Americans. In the pursuit, to make the world a prejadice-free place, researches are still trying to find where prejudice originates. Some researchers believe that it originates from evolution, others believe it is an effect of having an Authoritarian personality, another suggests that is comes from ignorance, and several other theories are existent. Although there are many contradictory theories, experts agree that prejudice will not disappear until the origin is found.

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