Prejudice: A Common Theme in Literature and Film Essay

Prejudice: A Common Theme in Literature and Film Essay

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There are some very magnificent things in the world. There also many horrible things. Prejudice can easily be classified as something terrible and awful. Prejudice is found just about everywhere in the world. There is prejudice against colored people, religions, overweight people and many others as well. But how does one form such perspective of prejudice towards others? A person's experiences can change their perspective on prejudice as well as how they view the world and everybody else around them.
In the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett, Skeeter Phelan has many experiences that change her perspective on prejudice. Skeeter's memory of Constantine being with her as a mother figure in her years at home before she went to college showed her that the help weren't just maids or people to look down on. Skeeter chose to write a book soon after she came back from college. This led to Skeeter getting close to Minny and Aibileen as well as learning about their jobs, their employers and their lives. Skeeter started to really care about her new friends now that she had spent so much time with and was starting to understand them. The other white women in Jackson thought of the help as inferior to themselves since that was what they had learned from their mothers. Skeeter had changed that view of the help for herself and for some of the other white women that read her book.
Richard Wright wrote Black Boy as an autobiography showing his experiences and perspectives. Richard learned to hate white people through his negative experiences. The white men had taken his job at the optometrist, forced him to fight Harrison and killed Uncle Hoskins. Richard also started to dislike religion because of how Granny and Aunt Addie had treated ...

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...hat changed Jane and she told Maria that she was the closest friend Jane had. Most of the characters in Crash changed the way they thought of others and were able to change their perspective on prejudice.
All of these characters have had many different experiences that shaped their perspective on prejudice as well as how they view the world and everybody else around them. Each character is unique and has a very different view of things than others characters because of these experiences. Some, like Skeeter, found that their views changed over time and they were able to accept others more easily. Other characters, like Richard Wright, found it harder to be accepting and hated the people around them even more. No matter what their views on prejudice are, they were formed because of the way events unfolded in their lives.

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The Help
Black Boy

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