Pregnant At The Age Of Eighteen Changed My Life Essay

Pregnant At The Age Of Eighteen Changed My Life Essay

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Pregnant at the age of eighteen changed my life. I was scared and the reality of life hit me all at once. I had imagined being pregnant and thinking it was easy. Thinking that going through nine months of carrying a child was a breeze. I didn’t think about the details of childbirth. Women all over the world have been doing this for years.
The day before I found out I was pregnant, I was worried. A year earlier I had miscarried at five months. This pregnancy was planned, due to the loss of my previous pregnancy. Although I was conflicted with the notion of having another baby because of the relationship I was in. Bad or good I knew I wanted to have another child. I could do this on my own, and I did. Each month that went by I saw my stomach grow. I felt my stomach stretching and the larger I became the more I began to scratch my stomach. It felt as though a thousand mosquitos bit me at once and the after effect was agonizing. I have marks today that I call my tiger stripes, that remind me of my pregnancy. Although I can be a little self-conscious about them, when in a two piece.

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