Pregnancy Is A Beautiful Part Of Life For Most Women Essay

Pregnancy Is A Beautiful Part Of Life For Most Women Essay

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Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life for most women. When thinking of pregnancy amongst different cultures, one might think that all women go through similar experiences. When deciding what culture to compare, I selected Norway, which is considered one of the best places to give birth in the world. My other choice is Democratic Republic of Congo, which is considered one of the most challenging locations in the world to give birth. In this paper, I will discuss the difference between the one of the highest rated and one of the lowest rated countries to cope with pregnancy and the entire experience of birth.
Most women around the would go through the same stages of pregnancy, although some do have it easier than others. The three main stages of pregnancy are divided into trimesters. The first trimester is usually the roughest on the female body due to a surge of hormones. During the first trimester, women begin to experience changes that include morning sickness, cravings, and aversions to food. Having a well-balanced nutritional diet is important for all women during pregnancy regardless of their cultural background. Women are recommended to consume and avoid certain foods that will benefit their unborn child. By doing so, the child has a greater chance of not developing any complications during the gestational period. The overall goal for all women in these countries is to deliver a healthy child by the end of the third trimester.
Being pregnant is a joyful time for most mothers to be, but having the proper health coverage can provide a significant difference to a woman’s body. According to Nordic Social Insurance Portal (NSIP), all Norwegian citizens are covered as long as they are employed within the country, thus providing...

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...ult for some women to stay on track with a healthy diet. All though some women have a difficult time, their main purpose is to keep their child healthy.
Differences in living conditions, healthcare, diet, access to doctors, politics and overall infrastructure are all critical factors that separate the most successful and least successful areas in experiencing pregnancy and the birthing process. The best we can do for countries that struggle to achieve sufficient levels of successful births, is look at the successful countries such as Norway, or other Scandinavian countries and try to emulate what is being done there. Although the overall infrastructure of the DR Congo needs a great amount of improvement, it is never too early to look at, study and applaud the regulations and policies of those who are at the forefront of healthcare and a healthy birthing experience.

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