Preference of Freshman Tourism Students of De La Salle Lipa In Choosing a Tourist Destination

Preference of Freshman Tourism Students of De La Salle Lipa In Choosing a Tourist Destination

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The tourism of a country is based in many factors. International demand usually affects the tourism of a place. Most travellers make several outlines in choosing a good destination. Several choices are usually affected by the born of their natural surroundings at home. Too much familiarity usually makes the tourists want to discover and experience a different environment. Each person has a different personalities that make them different from all tourists.The research paper aims to make a clear overview of the perception and preference of different individuals. According to Hsu, Li and Yang (2013), individuals make certain choices that makes them comfortable. Some people also rely to their budget and time constraints. External factors also affect the decision of the tourists, as said by Hsu, Li and Yang (2013). Cultural depression also make it deliberately complainable when it comes to visitation. Local travel is basically the basis of all travel and this is exposed and nurtured by the government. Petroman, Marin, Ciolac, Vduva and Padur (2013) also discussed cultural tourism achieves economic development massively when nurtured and aided by the local government and the tourist themselves.
Masiero and Nicolau (2012) also stated that prices of commodities also affect the tourist impact of the destination. And destinations forces the visitors to buy their necessary items, if the items are overpriced then there will be less tourists who will visit the destination in the future. It is also used as an implementation of the rights of each individual and host to make profit. On the other hand, there are destinations that usually too famous and known, thus making it overused and crowded. This spoils the natural beauty of the destinati...

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