The Predicament Of Ruma 's Father Essay examples

The Predicament Of Ruma 's Father Essay examples

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The predicament of Ruma’s father is a universal predicament to all those immigrant parents caught up in a never ending dichotomy of acculturation. The more they assimilate themselves with the outside world, the more they can relate with their children. Usha, the adolescent protagonist of “Hell-Heaven” in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth, was born in Berlin, but later moved to Central Square, with her parents and settled there permanently. She is more an American with her behaviour and mannerism than an Indian.
Usha’s dissatisfaction against her mother, Aparna is because of her Indian upbringing she imposed various restrictions on her daughter’s social behavior which are in absolute contrast to her American lifestyle. Usha when compare herself with Deborah’s daughters, she feels jealous for them. Deborah’s daughters although have the Indian father, Pranab Chakraborty, but they inherited their physical appearance mostly from their mother and if there is little Indianness they received genetically from their father, is easily surmounted by Deborah’s American upbringing which she inculcates into her daughters and it is this way of life Usha craves for. However, a young girl like Usha fail to apprehend the fact that it is easy for Deborah to raise her daughter in her own way because of the immediate influence of the place in which they are living irrespective of having an Indian father. For Deborah’s daughters, it is more the influence of the society than the biological factor that intertwines here. If these girls are taken back to their father’s ancestral land in India then they might be different of what they are now. Aparna often compares herself with Deborah and raises her grievances against her. It is because although, Aparna ...

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...nd comfort. In the first few days Hema herself was scared and terrified at the thought of being alone in the room, but gradually she conquered her fear and adjusted herself with her newly acquired privacy.
Thus, the different contexts mentioned above clearly bring out the rapture of the familial bonding of a second generation immigrant child within a multicultural space thereby promoting the celebration of new identity which the first generation immigrant parents failed to establish for themselves. So, instead of being reticent towards American culture, the parents need to be sympathetic enough to understand their children and establish a compassionate bonding to bridge the gaps between them. In this context the grandparents play the vital role. It is this bonding between grandparents-grandchild which will be dealt in great details in following chapter.


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