Essay on The Precipitating Problems And Symptoms

Essay on The Precipitating Problems And Symptoms

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1. The precipitating problems or symptoms.
She started her journey to foster care and final Babcock Center because on September 19, 1955, an order from the probate court of McCormick County, she and her siblings, were removed from the custody of their parents, and the children 's Bureau of SC was appointed their guardian. Records indicated they have been living in deplorable circumstances. Parent were incarcerated at the time. Four of the children were located at Whitten Center, Patrice spent some time in a foster home. Two were located with friends. They had another child after that and was placed in foster care. Patrice progressed at Whitten Center after ear admission on 7/10/1958 and was discharged12/21/1975. She was readmitted in 1977 because her husband was abusive. Since then she has been moving from one Care Center to another and finally for the past 28years she has been with the Babcock Center group.
2. Comprehensive psychosocial assessment
Ms Patrice was born on March 21, 1950, she is a 66 years old now. She is white, female, single and current in a relationship which has lasted now for 8 years. She is verbal and ambulatory. She has not been adjudicated incompetent, which means she is capable and able to sign her own consent for her required medical/ diagnostic care, studies and procedure. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend who is also a client at Babcock. She works at Burger King from 11am to 3pm twice a week.
Ms. Patrice is a result of a full term pregnancy and was given birth to at home. Her father and mother were married. The father was a farm hand and the mother a house wife, both had low IQ, were alcoholic and the father was abusive. Parent had been to jail. She has seven siblings and has a close relat...

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...are of this bias, I will also be ready to pick up ideas from Ms. Patrice that will help.
The beliefs I personally hold should not be imposed on my client as the right ways of doing thing, say her Christian beliefs, her views on parenting, boyfriend, and her constant relapse. This notwithstanding, I have to, within the therapeutic relationship guides her to take her decisions to what is best for her.
Some physical contact between me and my client can be appropriate such as a brief hug when the long-term treatment has come to a close or if I offer comfort by placing my arm around my client when s/he has heard distressing news. If my client considers hugging or touching unacceptable because of his culture, or if my brief hug upsets my client because of his personal trauma history, I could face an ethical issue of physical contact. Especially in the case of Ms. Patrice.

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