The Preamble Is A Promise For The Citizens Of The United States Essay

The Preamble Is A Promise For The Citizens Of The United States Essay

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The Preamble is a promise to protect the citizens of the United States. It is an introduction to the beginning of the Constitution. The Preamble was written September 17, 1787. Before the Preamble there were The Articles of Confederation, which did not really help our country. The Framers knew that they had to do something. Therefore the Preamble was created to state that the government would protect the rights listed in the Preamble. Some Americans believe that it is a promise to the people of our nation. But has the Preamble lived up to its promise?
As I mentioned before, the Preamble was created September 17, 1787, as a promise to protect the citizens of the United States. Some people may disagree with this statement. The Preamble begins with “ We the people of the United States,” meaning the citizens of the United States. Immigrants were not included in this famous line. They were one of the groups excluded from this promise. The Preamble is only there to state that the government will protect the rights of the citizens of the United States.
The next line in the preamble is “ in Order to form a more perfect Union…” (, 2015). What does this mean? Before the Preamble, there was The Articles of Confederation, which was replaced with the Preamble. The Framers who wrote the Preamble felt like they were creating a new and better government. They wanted to establish a government that would provide for the country’s people.

As we continue through the Preamble, it says “ establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility....” (, 2015). Americans citizens were still concerned about the Revolution in England. The Framers wanted to insure them that they would have ju...

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... the Preamble. The Framers were people who came together to initiate a great country, where citizens are protected. They wanted people to feel secure with the Constitution. Before the Preamble there was The Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederations was very limited. That is how the Preamble came to be. The Framers helped shape our country because without the Preamble and Constitution who knows what this country would be like. If we ever felt that the American government was not keeping their promise to protect our rights, we could overthrow them. But that has not happened ever since the Constitution was written. The majority of people would say that the government has protected our rights. In conclusion, the Preamble and Constitution are important to the American government and its citizens. This document keeps America running and strong.

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