Pre-Hospital Intubation for Pediatric Trauma Victims Essays

Pre-Hospital Intubation for Pediatric Trauma Victims Essays

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Pre-hospital intubation for pediatric trauma victims is not necessary

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The data from World Health Organization (WHO) on the leading causes of death worldwide and the global burden of diseases shows that, traumatic injuries are the major cause of mortality, morbidity and disability among children (0 – 14 years) - being responsible for more deaths than the combination of other diseases1. It is against this backdrop that pre-hospital care during emergencies becomes very important in the management of the injured children as it is for adults. In most circumstances, earliest responder who could be a medical doctor, paramedic, or even layman are the first to provide the much needed life saving (basic or advance), vital medical care all with the aim of optimizing the victim’s physiological status prior to arriving nearest medical facility2, 3. Indeed, several evidences suggested that these first life-saving supports have effect on the morbidity and mortality of the injured patient2-4. But, recent researches have also shown that interventions like invasive airway management, IV access and fluid administration are associated with higher rate of complication and failure among paediatric patients, while the few that turned out to be successful were provided by specially trained and experienced personnel3. This is due to the difference in size and overall anatomy of children compared with adult, thus many of these procedures turn out to be difficult or results in complication when performed...

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