Essay on Pre Conference Phase Of Residency Content Coaching

Essay on Pre Conference Phase Of Residency Content Coaching

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Following from Chapter 5 in which I asserted that pre-conference phase of residency content coaching offered a key context for learning about planning for ambitious teaching, in this chapter, I argue that post-conferences during residency content coaching offered clinical-based learning opportunities for reflecting and receiving feedback and for responding by planning next steps for future instruction. In connection to my theoretical framework, I highlight the ways in which post-conferences created a context for social constructions of teaching and learning to teach within communicates of practice. As Wenger (1998/2008) questioned,
Our institutions… are largely based on the assumption that learning is an individual process, that it has a beginning and an end, that it is best separated from the rest of our activities… What if we adopted a different perspective, one that placed learning in the context of our lived experience of participation in the world? … And what if, in addition, we assumed that learning is, in its essence, a fundamentally social phenomenon, reflecting our deeply social nature as human beings capable of knowing? What kind of understanding would such a perspective yield on how learning takes place and on what is required to support it? (p. 3)

By grounding my observations in “lived experience of participation in the world,” in this case during RCC, I focus on a range of socially-negotiated learning opportunities, pertaining to learning ambitious teaching within these clinically based experiences. Learning within a community of practice is all the more evident when novices interact with knowledgeable mentors. If, as Wenger (1998) contended, “Learning is participation” (p. 10), it is possible to note opportuni...

... middle of paper ... phase of residency content coaching. As I noted in Chapter 4, post-conferences took place directly following the lesson or a few days later. For the most part, the residents and clinical teacher educators attended all the post-conferences. Collaborating teachers were present for three of the eleven post-conferences I observed. As I explain under the data analysis section of in Chapter 3, post-conferences were coded by element in ways that were discrete but not always mutually exclusive. Figure 6.1 describes the seven key elements in the post-conferences were identified, including reflecting, understanding student learning, acknowledging and accounting for the complexities of practice, delivering feedback and advice, planning next steps, connecting, and attending to logistics. The rest of this chapter will explore each element in greater detail.

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