Essay about Prayer : The Mystery Of Prayer

Essay about Prayer : The Mystery Of Prayer

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Murray states, “We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth”. The importance of prayer in the Christian faith is doubtless, this does not ensure the clarity with which it can be explained. Nevertheless, prayer can be expressed as both a highly unique individual experience, and a collective community expression; prayer is central to the Spirituality & Discipleship module. Prayer does not merely resonate within the module, but is a theme that runs through the centre of each tradition. Prayer is ubiquitous throughout all spiritual traditions and the evidence for this is lucid within the module guide where prayer is in the title of 6 out of the 12 sessions.

Before looking to the different expressions of prayer, consider the words of Augustine: “No age could be closer to God than any other”, this quotation is a snapshot summary of Augustines theological disagreement with the “progress model of history”. This is an important lens to periodically look through when critically evaluating the expression of prayer in different spiritual traditions. Due to the subjective nature of the assignment question, any evaluation may seem to contradict Augustines theory, although that is not the intention. While comparisons may be made and criticisms considered, it is not to judge or grade one spirituality in order to place one higher than the other. We are instead, to gaze upon the wonderful contrast or similarity in expression of relationship with the same Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

“All Christian spiritual traditions are rooted in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures”. The bible contains the origins of all Christian spiritual tr...

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...ortant to specifically study the prayers and spirituality of Jesus

The main clues about Jesus’ life of prayer are found in the Gospels. Although they are not specifically designed for this purpose, contained within Jesus’ story of his life, “ministry, death and resurrection are his example of prayer and his teachings on the subject”. It is within these books that we find Jesus’ teaching and can learn from. When the disciples ask “Lord, teach us to pray”, we are given an example of how to pray that both draws from Jesus’ Jewish tradition, but is also radically different. “The first two petitions of the Lord’s Prayer are so similar to those of the Kaddish”, This prayer was recognising God to be king, and a hope or expectation of the future, the prayer is also acknowledged as a daily request for God to provide. Again parallels can be drawn with the expectant prayers of

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