Essay about The Prayer Of Prayer And Prayer

Essay about The Prayer Of Prayer And Prayer

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Why do we need to be men and women of prayer? What does God’s word say about prayer? And how do we become prayer warriors even in the darkest of circumstances? These are all questions that many Christians ask themselves; questions I have asked myself many times. Striving to be all that God has called us to be in word, in deed and in prayer, is a journey that each of us must take, but no one path is the same. Rather than walking this road alone, it is good to seek out those who would take this journey of prayer with us.
How important is a prayer life? Prayer is a relationship between yourself and God. When prayers are short said and far between, so is the personal relationship. If you have a friend that you do not see, or hear from, even though you are still friend, does not that relationship suffer in closeness? If a boss is out of town and losses that personal contact with his employees, does not the company over time begin to falter? How can it stand strong and without obstacles if the staff is not in constant communication with the boss? It cannot. At some point people are going to question why they are doing what they are doing, who’s running the show and even try to take charge themselves, to run things.
David Cho writes; “It takes discipline and effort to live your life at the doorpost of the Lord.” In order to realize that the true power of pray, it takes discipline, an on purpose structured order of prayer. Whether a person prays in the morning or choses to pray in the evening before bed, it is a structured time allotted to spend with God; on purpose. It is not suggested that you pray at night but rather prayers are their to starts ones’ day.
Proverbs 5:23 (NIV) reads, “For lack of discipline they will die, led astra...

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...hey have interceded in prayer, and someone’s already wavering faith wavered more, thinking God did not hear their request, when in fact he could not because they were other issues that needed taken care of first. Christians need to remember that they are a vessel of God’s mercy and love, not the know it all to what God’s thoughts are towards the needs of any one person.
Prayers is a gateway into the thrown room of God, it’s the one place we can kneel at his feet. Prayer is not just words, but can be an expression of the heart. That can mean in song, in a journal, or in reading the Word.
Monks failed at shutting themselves off from the world to get closer to God, because we are created to take what we have communed with God and give that to other people. We have not been called to hoard what we have been given. That includes they things God speaks to us in prayer.

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