The Prayer Of Baptism And Communion Essay

The Prayer Of Baptism And Communion Essay

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In the United Methodist we recognize two sacraments, baptism and communion. Sacraments are set apart in that as we participate in them we are receiving the grace of God. This sets apart these acts apart because the action in the sacraments is not ours but God’s alone. We participate by eating bread and drinking from the cup in communion and in the washing by water in baptism (whatever the amount might be), but it is God’s outpouring of grace through the Holy Spirit that is happening in and through these acts. The action is God’s and the gift is God’s grace in these mysterious sign-acts of word, action, and physical elements are God’s way reminding us that in our brokenness and limitations, God’s gracious love is open to all who come willing to receive it.
Sacrament of Communion
The tradition of celebrating communion goes back all the way to Jesus who shared it with the disciples as told in Matt. 26:26-30, Mark 14:22-25, and Luke 22:14-23. After Jesus died, the meal is also seen in Luke 24 and shared by Paul in 1 Corinthians 11. The actual eating of the bread and drinking from the cup (symbolizing the body and blood of Christ) in Holy Communion are a sharing of grace freely offered to all who would receive it by God. It is at this one table we join in fellowship together with Jesus who shared it with the disciples, who shared it with the early Church rooting this as one of the most historic practices of our faith. As we celebrate this holy meal today we are joining together with Christians, past, present, and future as the one body of Christ, receiving the sustenance for the life of faith.
Of all my ministry experiences that have expanded my understanding of communion, the first time I presided at the table has to be the most...

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...nother instance I led the congregation in a remembrance of their baptism. After worship I had someone in attendance that morning who had not been baptized before. She asked how she was to remember something had not yet happen and whether it meant she had now baptized. So I shared with her that she can participate in the remembrance because that very same grace in baptism already covers her. I went on to tell her that what we are remembering in that moment is not the water that was poured over us, because many such as myself have no memory of our actual baptism, but the grace that resides already with each and every person even before we are aware of it, the forgiveness of sins that is freely offered to us, our new life in Christ, and our place in the church and with Christians everywhere. Then I invited her to meet with me soon to discuss having an official baptism.

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