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Essay about Prayer Journal

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After praying for a lengthy time, I began to feel revived and refreshed. The Lord had removed the burden from my heart and replaced it with a heart of peace. I walked over to my bed, and realized immediately, that I had not even made my bed this morning. I got everything cleaned up and put in order in my cabin.
As I was finishing my cleaning, I heard a knock at the door. Up to this point, my door had been locked from the outside. I had no control over the lock, and now someone was knocking on the door waiting for me to give them an entrance. I went to the door, stood there for a brief moment, and prayed.

Prayer for Direction
Would you have me give them entrance into this special cabin? I do not feel fear Lord; I just want to do what You would desire. I want to stay in the center of Your will for me. Please, Lord show me the way. I will wait upon You.
I heard the voice of my Father say, “Go through, go through the gates!” Isaiah 62:10
I put my hand on the doorknob. Somehow I knew that it was no longer locked, and by faith I turned the knob to open the door. I was filled with a sense of great expectation of the “new” that I was certain to come my way. This cabin had been a haven of holiness for me, and I wanted nothing to come in that was not glorifying of the Lord.

A Moment for Honesty!
 What are you allowing to come inside your special place with Jesus? Is your time with Him sacred, or is it easily replaced with other things?

Sometimes the things you are doing are “God’s work,” but if it is coming between your times with the Lord, than you might need to do some re-evaluation. He is a jealous God and desires time with you.

Scriptural Building Block
“I love those who love me, an...

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...ndation built on prayer.
Prayer is a reverent petition made to God. An act of communion with God such as in
devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving. It is conversation with God; the interaction of the soul
with God, direct address to Him.

“Prayer is pleading with the Lord." Exodus 32:11
"Prayer is pouring out the soul before the Lord." 1 Samuel 1:15
"Praying is crying to heaven." 2 Chronicles 32:20
"Prayer is seeking God earnestly and making supplication." Job 8:5
"Prayer is drawing near to God." Psalms 73:28
"Prayer is bowing the knees." Ephesians 3:14

Scriptural Building Block
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.” Philippians 4:6
 Write out a prayer to the Lord about someone you know who has a desperate need. (Example- Salvation or healing)

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