Prayer : A Effective Prayer Essay examples

Prayer : A Effective Prayer Essay examples

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Effective Prayer
To be effective, our prayer must coincide in principle with the work of sowing and reaping:
1) Prepare the soil
2) Sow the seed
3) Attend to the seed and soil
4) Harvest the fruits
Anyone who has worked the field or in the garden knows that sowing and reaping is a process that takes place over time. Likewise, our prayer must continue over time. However, the term prayer also refers to a variety of prayerful acts (affirmations, treatments, recitations, repetitions, ritual incantations, etc.), most of which require only a moment of time. Science of Mind considers the act of prayer (whatever technique you use) to be the mental work that establishes a consciousness, which is actually the prayer. Praying may take a few seconds or minutes, but our prayer is the consciousness through which the creative process of Life works, over time, from conception to fruition.
This should answer the perennial classroom questions: Is praying once enough? Is one treatment sufficient? Why repeat a treatment if you 've already realized the Truth? If we repeat our treatment, doesn 't that indicate doubt and negate our previous work? Won 't we be digging up yesterday 's seeds, checking to see if they have roots?
These questions point out a common confusion: we have confused praying with a prayer. Praying is what we do. A prayer is the mental work we 've done. Prayer is what praying accomplishes. We stop praying when our work is done. Ernest Holmes ' taught that if we don 't yet have the results, then we still have work to do. We continue to do our work, establishing and maintaining a consciousness through which the creative work is done. When our work is done, God 's work has just begun. We must remember: Our wor...

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...objective of prayer is to improve, expand and enhance the soul. We pray to heal the mind, not the body. We pray to reveal the truth, not to prove we are right. We pray to accept what is given, not to get what we want. We pray to give expression to Life, not to get anything. Nevertheless, if you would harvest a greater good, you must not only be more giving and more patient, but also, more accepting.
Our work is the task of acceptance. We need not worry about what was. In the light of day, the negative is neutralized by understanding it for what it is: just an old idea that withers in the sun from lack of attention. Don 't worry about the results, or the consequences. We accomplish more by changing direction and going about our business than by trying to explain where we 've been. Do your work and let it be. Accept what was, what is, and what will be. Accept it.

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