Practicum Action Inquiry: Budget Cuts and Education in the State of Texas

Practicum Action Inquiry: Budget Cuts and Education in the State of Texas

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Action Inquiry
Statement of the Problem
The continuous budget updates and budget cuts that the state of Texas continues doing it has created that the Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD (2014) has declare state of exigency in order to continue managing the district. Throughout the district many cuts had being made by the district affecting from personnel, resources, and teacher allotments to mention some. In L.A. Gililland Elementary School (2014) the administrator has to manage her allotment budget to serve the high volume of low socioeconomic students and a high demographics of Bilingual students and get created and look for other resources that will assist teachers with the current teacher allotment and to supply resources for the school.
Relation of the Problem to the Specialization
The present budget cuts has created problems in obtaining resources for the students at L. A. Gililland Elementary. Some of this students do not have resources for their yearly supplies. Previous years the teachers were able to provide with their allotment and they were able to assist these students, but now with the allotment cuts it has become more difficult for them, the school, and the district. New administrators had to be knowledgeable how to obtain other resources or funds to assist the needs of the students and the school.
Background and Context for the Problem
In order to understand how to better prepare the budget to meet the needs of the next school year, it is important to compile a list with the teacher suggestions, and other resources need it around the school. Teachers had informed the administrator their observations of needs during the school year and also to evaluate resources that are not need it or need to be eliminated. The teach...

... middle of paper ...

... are knowledgeable to obtain materials to a low or no cost?
- How to ensure the community and taxpayer are aware of continues cuts and repercussion to the district?
- How to write for grants and other opportunities of funding?

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