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The Practice of Euthanasia Essays

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For years, people for and against the use of euthanasia have questioned and debated ethics of the use of euthanasia. The main debate has been about whether people have the right to end a life that many believe is given to us by God; However, changes in social values and political institutions have changed the focus of the debate throughout time, but to me the questions are still the same. Should we take a life that is given by God? Should the right to die be granted?
The practice of euthanasia has many names: “mercy killing”, “assisted suicide”, or “physician assisted suicide,”and according to Medina, euthanasia is defined as purposefully killing or allowing the death of terminally sick or injured person with the idea or goal of relieving their pain and suffering(Medina).
There are a few different types of euthanasia. The first type is passive euthanasia. Passive euthanasia occurs when an terminally ill patient requests the discontinuance of any form of life support in order to speed up their death(Euthanasia -ProCon). Stopping life support could be stopping the distribution of water and food, not delivering CPR or by stopping medication and treatments. Although it may not seem like it, a DNR or living will could be thought of as passive euthanasia. A DNR is giving instruction to not perform CPR on a dead or dying patient and a living will is giving instruction to not give certain care or medications to a dying person(Euthanasia Suicide). Another type of euthanasia is active euthanasia. This is when a person purposefully causes death of a terminally sick or injured patient. Active euthanasia can be done by giving a “dyer” dose of medication. For example, doping a patient up on so much morphine to ease pain and also slowing the n...

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... distrust of patients towards doctors and cause a decline in medical care. Patients that are in pain are not thinking clearly. Pain medication could also prevent patients from making fully rational decisions. Problems with depression and psychological problems also make it impossible to make life ending decisions.
I personally believe that the time that we are given here on Earth is given to use as a gift from God and should not be tampered with. Requesting someone else to commit an act that is illegal is also unethical and the individual could find themselves in trouble. Every moment that we are blessed with here on Earth, is just that, a blessing. Although the arguments for and against euthanasia are strong and persuasive, I do not agree with euthanasia. So we are back to that never ending, life changing question: Do you think the right to die should be granted?

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