Practical and Theoretical Problems in Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

Practical and Theoretical Problems in Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

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Along with qualitative and quantitative methodologies in research, the trend of combining both qualitative and quantitative methodologies is widely used and increasingly articulated, attached to research practice and recognized as the third major research approach or research paradigm (Johnson, Onwuegbuzie & Turner, 2007).
The start of the combined methods was argued on the notion that different methodologies that have always comfortably coexisted (Datta, 1994). On the other hand, Greene (2007) argued that another perspective on the development of combining both quantitative and qualitative methods emerged because of the willing acceptance of mixing methodologies in the applied social sciences, evaluators and researchers whom are always facing the complex and multiplex social phenomena that are not easily agreeable to single frame probing. Greene (2008) further claimed that the messiness of complexity demands multiple investigative tools. Hence, it is not unusual that the study of occupational psychology are used to combining both qualitative and quantitative method to better strengthen the outcome of any subject matter (Moran-Ellis, Alexander, Cronin, Dickinson, Fielding, Sleney,
& Thomas, 2006).
According to Johnson et al. (2007), the term combined methods or mixed methods research has gained dominance over alternatives like integrative research and mixed research. The mixed methods term suggests that it is the methodologies and not the methods that are mixed. Johnson et al. (2007) provide a synthesis of the mixed methods definition:
“Mixed methods research is the type of research in which researcher or team of researchers combines elements of qualitative and quantitative research approaches (e.g. use of...

... middle of paper ...

...egration and publications as indicators of “yield” from mixed
methods studies’ Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1,147-63.
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Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Los Angeles: Sage, 2009, p. 133.

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