Essay on The Powers Of The Federal Government

Essay on The Powers Of The Federal Government

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What powers are extended to the federal government?
Article 1, Section 7- Legislation: Bills and Resolutions, Clause 1 specifies distinct power to the House for raising revenue, allowing that the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other bills. Article 1, Section 7, Clause 2 explains that every bill shall be passed though both houses in Congress and then signed by the President into law. In order for an Amendment to become a part of the U. S. Constitution, the proposed amendment must be passed by a two-thirds vote in each house of the Congress and then be ratified by three-fourths of the states. If the President vetoes (returns the bill), then the House must gather two-thirds vote which agree to pass the bill, then send it to the Senate, to be approved by two thirds vote, thus
overriding the President’s veto, in order for that bill shall become law (American Government, 2013). The federal branch of the government also makes decisions about military affairs and interstate commerce. What components of the US Constitution describe and detail the powers extended to the federal government?
American people are granted permission to vote in free elections for policy making officials who are elected at specific frequencies. House of Representatives are elected every two years, Presidential elections are held every fourth year, and U.S. Senators are elected every six years.
The Constitution gives two types of powers to the national government: delegated powers or enumerated (or implied) powers. Article I, Section 8 reveals what are the delegated powers and implied powers that are derived from the necessary and proper clause in that article. Delegated
powers of Congress are the authority to tax and spend, and the power to...

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...ral government deal with those powers that are similar or overlap?
Article III- “The Judicial Article”, Section 2 grants that the judicial power shall extend to all Cases, even those controversies between two or more States. The Supreme Court shall have original and also appellate Jurisdiction and Congress shall make regulations providing for cases
of Law and fact. Which government has supremacy when there are similarities or overlap?
The Federal Government has become more powerful as the supreme authority of the states in the union in cases that similarities, conflicts or discrepancies may overlap. As I mentioned earlier, Article III- “The Judicial Article”, Section 2 also provides that in all cases in which a State shall be Party, the Supreme Court shall have both original and appellate Jurisdiction both as to law and fact, under regulations that Congress makes.

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