The Powers Of A College Degree Essay

The Powers Of A College Degree Essay

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The Powers of a College Degree
If someone were to ask young adults in their late teens and early twenties what the future looks like for them, a good amount would say that college (education) is the answer. As the years go by more and more profession are requiring their future employees have at least a college degree; which in turns lead to more and more people going to college so that they can have a better future in this educative society. This leads me to say that a higher education is worth the prices that universities and colleges are charging due to the fact that people with a college degree make more than those without, college is where you make lifelong friends plus your connections, and college is a place where people can not only achieve independence but also discover themselves.
For the past 10 year the number of students going to college has increased a great amount because more and more of them are realizing that having a college degree gives you an advantage in this era’s work force. “In 1979, according to the Pew Research Center, the typical high school graduate earned 77 percent of what a college graduate made but among millennials (this generation), that figure is now 62 percent.” Commented Michael Gerson in his article Republicans benefit from a college education too. In other words even though college may seem out of reach and to pricy for many the ending results are much more beneficial to you not only financially but also mentally knowing what you have achieve something that big; and the way it can boost you up in society to where you want to be. Even if it means an abundant amount of high school graduates are trying their best to get a college education; whether it be by their ...

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... the process of juggling her school work, preparation for her year abroad, clubs, internship and the financial aspect of college that she realized what she wanted to be in the future and how much she was going to have to change to achieve that goal.
In conclusion, I do believe that college is the way to a successful life because people with a college degree make more than those without, college is where you make lifelong friends plus your connections, and college is a place where people can not only achieve independence but also discover themselves. Furthermore, one could say going to college is a privilege that many understate or look down upon but in the long run the benefit are essential things that one needs to feel whole in their life. Ultimately the decision is you’re whether or not college is for you, one would only hope that you chose the right one.

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