Essay The Powerful Aztec Empire

Essay The Powerful Aztec Empire

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Throughout the vast territory of Mexico, approximately in the first decades of the thirteenth century AD the city of Tenochtitlan was founded. This was the beginning of the powerful Aztec Empire. The Aztecs will name the territory as “Mexico-Tenochtitlan” . The name of Mexico has been debated by several historians and it can have many meanings, but according to Jacques Soustelle the meaning of Mexico it would be like this “(la ciudad que esta) en medio (del lago) de la luna” . Which in English can be described as the city that is in the middle (of the lake) of the moon. Also, the name Tenochtitlan, it can be explained without difficulty: it is the place of tenochtli, “nopal de tuna dura.” Which in English means: “nopal of hard prickly pear.” Moreover, Tenochtitlan has a very peculiar and interesting story. According to Soustelle’s book the first people to explore this site saw in the middle of a lake an eagle standing on a cactus and the eagle had a snake in its beak . This event was considered by the Aztecs as a signal of their god Huitzilopochtli to establish their capital. Later on, this event becomes a symbol of the Aztec people and their future generations. In fact, the symbol of the eagle standing on a cactus with the snake in its beak can be appreciated in today’s Mexican flag. In addition, in the early 1500 AD Montezuma II was the king at that time, which in fact he is one of the most famous of the Aztec kings and the ninth king of Tenochtitlan . While Tenochtitlan was under the rule of Montezuma, in a small part of Tenochtitlan, located in the north of the city there was a town called Tlatelolco. In Tlatelolco there was a young man named Cuauhtemoc-itzli. He recently had his eighteen birthday and his parents want him to ...

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...t expecting that his son was going to break the empire rules and that he was going to tarnishing the family 's reputation and honor. As a consequence of this act, Cuauh was going to be in exile and quetzal was going to be sacrificed in the next religious ritual. Nevertheless, when the sacrifice was about to take place the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortez enter to the city and they start attacking everybody. Consequently, Cuauh and Quetzal were trying to escape from the Spanish soldiers and from the punishment impose by the emperor.
In conclusion, Two days have passed since the Spanish attack and Cuauh and Quetzal were hiding somewhere inside the big pyramids, but the Spanish found them and they were took to a concentration camp were the last Aztecs survivors were. Finally all the people in that camp were killed by the soldiers including Cuauh and quetzal.

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