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Power Structure Of The Military Essay

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The Military defends its country and citizens by any means necessary. The power structure of the military is the most well known aspect to civilians, but there is much more to the armed forces than that. Each tear of the power structure has a responsibility to watch over the lower tears, making sure they are doing their job correctly and build their individual records. Each service member relies on his/her record to dictate how they are treated and advance in the military. In addition to the rank system and individual record, there is a code of conduct in the Military, that is specific to each branch, which must be followed or severe disciplinary action will be taken. The practice of panopticism is most prevalent in the Marines, the strictest branch of the United States Military.
The rank system in the Marines creates a distinct power structure that allows for hierarchical observation. There are twelve ranks in the Marines, from private to sergeant major. The higher ranks have power over the lower ranks; they give the lower rank orders and make sure that their job is being done correctly. While observing the lower ranks, higher ranking Marines develop a record which contains notes and all of the lower ranking Marine’s scores on the required tests. His/her record decides if and when the Marine moves up in rank (The Military Panopticon). The hierarchical observation system creates a system where “everybody is supervised at all times from the. . . bottom up” (The Military Panopticon). The constant surveillance from higher ranks causes the Marines to self discipline so they will not get in trouble and have their record or rank affected.
The Marine’s record acts as both permanent registration and binary branding. To move u...

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...e good order and discipline of his unit as a whole” (cnn). The Marine Corps relies on constant surveillance to ensure that the Marine’s self discipline themselves to represent the Marine Corps in the best manner possible; Sergeant Stein did not represent the Marine Corps in the normal and respectable way, so he was removed.
The Marine Corps has many ways they ensure that each Marine acts to represent the Corps in the best way possible. Creating a system where there is constant surveillance on the Marine’s actions in the service as well as in their personal life forces each Marine to self discipline themselves. It also allows the Corps to step in and take action whenever a Marine fails to self discipline him/herself. The Panoptic effect of the Marine Corps makes it that each Marine is held accountable for their actions and are made to self discipline themselves.

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