Power Source From Mean For Green Essay

Power Source From Mean For Green Essay

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Power source from mean to green

by Jaime J


Since Ben Franklin in 1752 discovered the power grid, I call his lightning rod, and how he found how, if properly directed, the lightning, could ring the bells at the end of a line at the bottom of the rod. Since then we have been formulating alternative energy solutions. In 1878 the first Electric Co. was formed and in 1900 Nicholas Tesla patent electric transmit ion. Than in 1926 we got our selves a national grid and in 1936 the Hoover Dam began to transmit electricity, in 1966 the first tidal power station than 1972 we discovered a way to make electric power with a generator fueled by waste and now we have in 1980 the first solar plant by MIT and Department of Energy and if you thought I forget Nuclear Power we need to remember 1986 the Chernobyl explosion witch could be the summary on how nuclear power plants were formulating in the quest for energy.

Power generators are a common source for electric power and one fuel used is coal that ranks as one of the worst environmental polluters. Forbes made mention of the following:

Coal power is high ranking pertaining to high pollution levels, recently identifying these three companies with carbon dioxide emitting generators held by these companies;

" American Electric Power emits 130 million tons of carbon dioxide per year". (Christopher Helman 2013)

" Duke energy emits 127 million tons of carbon dioxide per year" ( Christopher Helman 2013)

and " Southern Corporation emits 118 million tons per year". ( Christopher Helman 2013)

To give you a relative measure of one company that is owned by the united states government in showing statistics of emitting 77 million tons annually which amounts to the equivalent car...

... middle of paper ...

... all great forms of bargaining power.
Self learned knowledge of all involved to this new resource and with avenues of educational resources, i.e.: internet and junior collages.
Other bargaining powers would simply be to lower your electric bill by using less electric from the grid produced by generators, this will ultimately lowering your carbon foot print on the planet that the old system of power producers have been involved in since our journey began in 1593 with the dutch windmill, which is ironic since this is a true cycle of the old is new again ( Power from a wind mill! ) .



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