Essay on Power shift in Water Governance of Transboundary River Basins

Essay on Power shift in Water Governance of Transboundary River Basins

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1. Introduction
Nile, the longest river in the World, with two sources the White Nile and the Blue Nile is shared by eleven riparian countries (K. Paisley & Henshaw, 2013). The basin is characterized by higher seasonal fluctuation in its water flow, water quality degradation, water scarcity and rapid population growth (Brunnee & Toope, 2002). The majority of the water comes from the Ethiopian high lands (86%) and the rest of 14% comes from the African Great leak countries (Salman, 2011).
The purpose of this essay is to show the current ongoing hydro politics in the Nile with respect to its historical background and the upcoming power shift over the hydro-hegemonic governance of Egypt. For the analysis of the power shift I tried to use M. Zeitoum and J. Warner hydro-hegemony, unilateral and multilateral cooperation analysis framework in which power asymmetries affect an equitable outcome at the expense of long lasting, low intensity conflicts. The framework provides an analytical paradigm useful for exploring the alternative that how such powerful or dominated riparian's shift from domination to cooperation.
As it was obvious the upstream countries of the Nile basin were not users rather they are contributors of the whole water for Egypt and Sudan. Because of their political instability weak economic status they admitted the unlimited power of Egypt to govern and use the river almost alone (L. Parks, 2013). If some countries try to use the Nile, Egypt is powerful enough to create Political instability by sponsoring some rebels and influencing international lending agencies. Since Egypt is the most powerful among the riparian countries most of the treaties and agreements over the Nile water use were undertaken excluding the inter...

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