The Power of Water in Religion Essay

The Power of Water in Religion Essay

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Roughly 70% of the human body are made of water. The average human can only live without water for about 3 to 5 days. Nothing can exist without out water, water is the source of life. Mircea Eliade (1996) states “Water symbolized the who potentiality; is “fons et origo”, the source of all things and of all existence (p.188). So it makes sense that water plays such a huge role in the religion. While the Islamic, Judaic, Hindu, and Zoroastrian religion may all be different but they do all have practice water rituals. Despite their differences they all believe that water is important, these religions believe that water has the power to purify the soul.
Eliade (1996) states “Every contact with water implies regeneration: first, because dissolution is succeeded by a “new birth”, and then because immersion fertilizes, increases the potential of life and of creation” (p.189). Water is significant because it washes away the old to create something new. If something becomes dirty the most logical thing to do is clean it, the same goes for one’s soul. Water has the power to wash away ones old life. Eliade (1996) wrote that “Purification by water has the same effect: in water everything is “dissolved”, every “form” is broken up, everything that happened ceases to exist; nothing that was before remains after immersion in water, not an outline not a “sign”, not an “event” (p. 194). In most religions one has to immerse themselves in water to gain all the benefits that water can award. Immersion in water would mean any contact with water; it does not always have to mean total immersion. Eliade (1996) states that “Immersion in water symbolized a return to the pre-formal, a total regeneration, new birth, for immersion means a dissolution of for...

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...fires, plants and foods were to be deposited in pairs” (Zoroastrianism section, para.5).
Despite their differences these religions believe that water is very powerful. Pure water has the power to create new life. Water has the ability to make those that were impure pure again. Water is the source of all life and the start of a new life for those that were considered impure.

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