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B.) Storms make known the power of the savior (Matthew 28:18)
When the savior shows up He comes with all power and Authority in His hands. He can deliver us from any and every storm and we can lay hold of the almighty power of God 's presence by simply calling on Him. Psalm 50:15 says, “then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” The power of the savior reminds us that He is in control and desires to rescue us, and this expresses His Power because He wants us to know that we can trust him, because his reputation precedes Him. The meaning of savior can consistently take on different meanings. Bible dictionary defines Savior as one who saves from any form or degree of evil. In its highest sense, the word indicates the relationship sustained by our Lord to his redeemed ones, He is their Savior. It has also been called the great message of the gospel. By this meaning, it is the "gospel of salvation," by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ securing the sinner to a personal interest in the work of redemption.
However, in the case of the disciples when they called out SAVIOR, they were using it in a very practical way. In this sense, another definition of the word Savior is deliverer, He who saves, one who perfects that which He is saving. In this case the disciples needed the power of the Savior to deliver them from the storm. When the disciples woke Jesus up to alert Him of the storm the savior did not panic because He was in control, He always is. The Savior who can control the storm was by their side and He is right by our side. He is the one who can bring us through. When Jesus stilled the storm, the disciples knew that they were experiencing the power of God. God has the ability and the ...

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...umbled and in need of a savior, because nothing illustrates faith in the Lord more than being willing to accept His will, even when things with the natural eyes look contrary. In those times remember: number one, storms reveal your weaknesses, and where you are weak God is strong; number two, storms reveal the savior and the Savior’s presence brings all authority and power; number three, storms reveal your testimony. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the beauty and the blessing of the storm. Sometimes it is difficult to trust that God will turn all things around for your good. I don 't know the nature of the storm you are facing, but I know the One who stills and quiets the storms. I know that if you will bring your need to Him, He will hear you and He will help you just as I know He has many times before and give you the ability to see your storm as Showers of Blessings.

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