Essay on The Power Of The Rainbow : Quotation From A Life Made Out Of Poetry

Essay on The Power Of The Rainbow : Quotation From A Life Made Out Of Poetry

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“Poetry, like jazz, is one of those dazzling diamonds of creative industry that help human beings make sense out of the comedies and tragedies that contextualize our lives” This was said by Aberjhani in the book Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotation from a Life Made Out of Poetry. Poetry during the Harlem Renaissance was the way that African Americans made sense out of everything, good or bad, that “contextualized” their lives. The Harlem Renaissance, also known as the Black Renaissance or New Negro Movement, was a cultural movement among African Americans. It began roughly after the end of World War 1 in 1918. Blacks were considered second class citizens and were treated as such. Frustrated, African Americans moved North to escape Jim Crow laws and for more opportunities. This was known as the Great Migration. They migrated to East St. Louis, Illinois, Chicago 's south side, and Washington, D.C., but another place they migrated to and the main place they focused on in the renaissance is Harlem. The Harlem Renaissance created two goals. “The first was that black authors tried to point out the injustices of racism in American life. The second was to promote a more unified and positive culture among African Americans"(Charles Scribner 's Sons). The Harlem Renaissance is a period when African American writers produced numerous amount of literature, which gave them a feeling of power and freedom.
Literature, such as poems, novels and short stories created by African Americans were getting more and more recognized. They were being acknowledged as great African American writers. An important architect of the movement was James Weldon Johnson. Every male and female that was part of the Harlem Renaissance were fighting for...

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...ves. Blacks were discovering many reasons to have pride in their race. Racial pride was helping them achieve equality in society. People were starting to write the way they wanted, instead of the ways whites wanted. Creating their own.
During the Harlem Renaissance, African Americans felt a sense of empowerment about themselves when creating their work. A sense of freedom. They built themselves and their culture up with help from white patrons whether they wanted it or not. Blacks expressed themselves by talking about what they believed and what they have experienced. Through it they talked about how much they wanted equality and somewhat through their work they got some. They were even being recognized by the president. In this their pride was being lifted about their race and through their work a new freedom. African Americans new freedom wasn’t given. It was won.

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