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Power Of The Mass Media Essay

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Power of the Mass Media
The Mass Media has made a huge impact on society for over 100 years now, from newspapers to the internet; media has shaped our society for better and for worse. The Mass Media has been used for several different things over time including propaganda, advertisement, entertainment, and information. Since the beginning of Mass Media, it has been growing rapidly becoming much more involved in our daily lives than it ever has been. The Mass Media has the power to heavily influence our daily actions and even our thought processes. This tool can be used to control a lot of what the general population knows, but what if what we know is a lie?
The media is very old, starting with newspapers, magazines, and other texts but back then it was much harder for media to make any kind of significant impact because of a few problems. The spread of texts a few hundred years ago was much harder, and many could not read. Many years later came the capability to record audio. Recordable audio was a big deal, but it didn’t really kick off until this audio could be shared on a much bigger scale coming from the radio. The radio was the first source of truly mass media because it could literally reach almost everyone. You didn’t need to know how to read or have to stop what you were doing to listen to it. The radio was much more convenient than the newspaper at the time and it had several purposes. The radio allowed almost immediate notification to the public of any important events, it played music, it advertised, and it also was an easy source of news. The next milestone in Mass Media was the Television. The Television did everything the radio did and more, TV brought audio to life by having video to go along with the audio bringin...

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