The Power of the internet and Social Media Essay

The Power of the internet and Social Media Essay

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Contemporary social movements such as Arab Spring and Kony 2012 use the Internet and social media as potential tools towards change. But why are some more successful than others. This paper argues that when news outlets see the potential for change, they “premediate” (Richard Grusin) its possibilities, and make that change ever more possible in their coverage. On the other hand, extant stories that are more reactionary do not get the same amount of new exposure, and remain static. In other words, our media - not just social media, but news organizations - play a great role in shaping current events. I will compare and contrast the unfolding of the Arab Spring story, and how little changed regarding Kony 2012, as cases in point. Both of these events were propelled by something we use in our every day lives: the internet. The network of connections that internet has, was able to bring these two social changes to not only there home countries but also to the entire world. With the rise of social media and the increasing news coverages, the Arab Spring and Kony 2012 were able to show just how much power the internet can have on change in the world.

Margaret Mead once said, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. These words hold true for many different reasons as change cannot happen without the idea because with that idea comes on what could happen and how things could turn out. Richard Grusin’s work helped define statements like this by narrowing in on coining a term called premediation. He states that premediation “accounts for what he saw as a confluence of cultural logics across different media sources.” In order to ...

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...ture-of-social-media-in- revolutionary-movements>.

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