The Power of The Government to Tax Its People Essay

The Power of The Government to Tax Its People Essay

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The constraints placed upon government by the framers of our Constitution exist only on the faded parchment that lies in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; a document that launched the greatest, most successful experiment in the history of government. Politicians have succeeded – with the cooperation of the American electorate - in unleashing an omnipresent government from the confines of that Constitution to rule every aspect of American life.
We find ourselves enslaved in our own country due in large part to a culture of dependency by elements of society and an equal culture of corruption by our political leaders and their minions, the bureaucrats.
The power of a government to tax its people is at the heart of their power to control and regulate behavior, transfer wealth, and redistribute income; in essence, to punish and subjugate its citizenry.
Without the power to tax, politicians lose their power over the people. Higher taxes directly result in more control. Lower taxes result in less control. They know this and use it to make more promises; Prescribing to the old adage of “always leave them wanting more”. It all begins with; give us, all the income and wealth and we will provide for your every need. Therefore, the simple secret of lower taxes is to reduce spending by demanding government stay out of our lives.
The temptation to abuse that power to tax has long placed government at odds with those who have the legitimate right to constrain and control government at all levels; the American people.
The dividing of citizens into certain classes in order to cull the successful from the herd has long been a winning strategy for government to quench their unending thirst for the funding necessary to fulfill politi...

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... us to conclude that they hold the belief that all money, income and wealth belong to the government. They are nice enough to allow you to keep a portion that they deem sufficient; now quit whining!

By eliminating politicians’ spending, we regain our financial independence, reduce taxes to a level required to operate essential government in our Constitutional Republic, and empower Americans to reassert and reclaim their independence from tyranny. The only mechanism available to us to reduce the size of government, thus reduce taxes, is the power of the vote. The 2012 election may be our last chance to reverse the deadly course in which our country is headed. Elect only those people with whom you have kindred ideology in the support of Constitutional principles.
The first step and the last step to reducing taxes are always… demanding monumental spending cuts.

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