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Power Of The Flies And The Tempest Essay

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Explore how the theme of power is presented in the
Lord of the Flies and the Tempest

In the play The Tempest, the theme of power is presented throughout the play. The same theme is also presented in the Lord of the Flies. Both writers have presented the theme of power in similar ways.
Many characters desire the power of objects that cannot be owned by a one character as there is always conflict for ownership of the object. In the Tempest, Shakespeare presents the island to reflect what a character needs in order to obtain power. Any character who has ownership of the island has overall power until the island is take or repossessed. This can be shown by the two characters Prospero and Caliban. Prospero took the power of the island from Caliban. Caliban desires the islands power back. ‘…we will inherit here’, Shakespeare uses imperative language to present the power that some characters desire. One character that desires the power of the island is Sebastian. ‘I think he will carry this island home in his pocket and give it to his son for an apple (Antonio says this).’ It was Shakespeare’s intention to have the characters desire the island because it relates to the audience. At the time this play was written, there was many colonisation events that took place in many areas nationally. If a country invaded another, that country would take power over anyone and everything on that island until it was captured by another country that desires the power of that area. This idea can be compared to the conch in the Lord of the Flies as any character who has possession of the conch has the power to speak. Main characters desire the power that the conch stands for. One of the characters that desire the conch is Piggy. Piggy desires the power ...

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...wing for the savage plan to kill Prospero. These ideas are linked to the desire for power for Caliban and Rodger as all representations of foreshadowing is also clear evidence of the desire for power.
‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power’ All characters display a certain amount of control and sanity until the character is given power. Savagery and insanity are the effects of power for most characters. These characters could be compared to any man or women in society. Every individual will be tested with power at some point. Some use it for good and health, others use it for savagery and authority. Both Shakespeare and Golding demonstrate both sides of power and how the character deals with power. Most deteriorate and crumble from the power, others treasure it. Either way, power is a test of mental endurance.

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