Power Of The Battle For Power

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To have power means to have control. The battle for power is a great one in any marriage. It is something that deals with the ability to make an effect or impact. Though it is not necessarily a good or bad thing, it can be used incorrectly on a partner. Some people expect their marriage to go smoothly with no complications along the way. Sometimes they automatically assume their relationship will be egalitarian, that they will share equal roles, but this is not always the case. There can be both constructive and destructive consequences with measuring power and multiple ways to attain it, but in the end, it is one of the most significant issues in marriage. Power can be defined as several things. The textbook describes it as “the ability to get someone to think or feel or act in a way that he or she would not have done spontaneously” (Lauer, 2012). However, it doesn’t indicate that someone wishes not to feel like this. Power is not meant to be an act of cruelty or intimidation. It can actually improve the happiness in people if used properly. Some people may feel differently, but I embrace the opinion that power must exist in relationships. It’s embedded in humans to have some source of management and direction in their lives. If people have a grasp on reality and fully comprehend what they are capable of, they’ll have better mental health (Lauer, 2012). If people don’t have some sort of hold over things, they become exposed and susceptible to other problems. Viewing marriage as a power struggle, there are varying types of relationships. There is husband-dominant, wife-dominant, autonomic (equal but separate), and syncratic (jointly shared) (Lauer, 2012). The distinctions between husbands and wives create different branches o... ... middle of paper ... ...to resolve their issues. It allows marriages to grow and can prevent future arguments. Yet, conflict can also be destructive because it can cause poor health, abuse, depression, parental negativity, and many other problems. No marriage is perfect. There will always be certain conflicts that no one can avoid in relationships, so instead of people trying to prevent or escape them, they should be seeking a balance in their marriage. There are safe ways for people to navigate through a power struggle without causing damage to their relationship. The fight over power impacts spouses everywhere. Marriage, after all, is a special union that sets the duties and rights for partners, so people should use that to guide one another (“Marriage”). Some couples expect a carefree marriage with no difficulties, but the reality is that marriage is an adventure, not a fairy tale.
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