Essay on The Power Of Selfishness By Hobbes And Arthur Miller

Essay on The Power Of Selfishness By Hobbes And Arthur Miller

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Ayma Dommy
English 11
16 October 2015
The Power of Selfishness
Humans are selfish, all of the actions we perform are done to benefit ourselves in one way or another.Thomas Hobbes and Arthur Miller, the author of ¨The Crucible¨, display the selfishness of humans in their writings. Hobbes says that many acts our society considers selfless are actually done for internal peace, making the selfless act selfish. The excerpt from Hobbes 's writing claims, ¨Even at our best, we are only out for ourselves. ¨The more selfish we are, the more like beasts we become. Humans are animals, and all animals have the base instinct of fight or flight, as humans in modern society we will go down to these selfish base instincts for self preservation and self gain.
The more power a person has; the more selfish and animalistic they become. This is displayed by the girls of Salem. A woman’s life in Salem was very bland so the women take the opportunity to gain and assert authority, like Abigail blatantly threatening Hathorne,¨Let you beware, Mr. Danforth. Think you to be so mighty that the power of hell may not turn your wits? Beware of it...¨(108) Abigail becomes blind with the amount of power she has within the court, accusing them before they become a threat. Abigail expresses her power through words in the courtroom as well as acting out in the courtroom to gain more power. Immediately after blatantly threatening Hathorne; Abigail and the girls start seeing spirits in the courtroom. I notice Abigail’s motive fades towards the end of the book as the people of Salem start to figure out what is going on. In the end Abigail is selfish and runs away from the mess she created; leaving it for the people of Salem.
Even when we perform acts of selfles...

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... has. Human nature is complex, and modern society makes it even harder to understand. The reason people do things is hard to find; everyday seven billion people live their lives. It is not possible to know what everyone does everyday; the story behind their motives is often untold, but we do know that it is done to better oneself.
Even though we don’t like to think of ourselves as animals of nature, it is exactly what we are; we have the same fight or flight instincts that all other animals have. We use these instincts when needed for self preservation. Power and selfishness are directly related; the more power someone has the more selfish they become. Due to human nature, when we use our base instincts we only think for ourselves. Everything we do benefits us in one way or another. No matter where you live selfishness can be the cause of big and small problems.

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